What are you wishing for this holiday season? Is it that new scarf you saw in a store window last week? That your mother-in-law would finally – FINALLY – get the hint that her style and yours are not the same? That you could make a difference in the community? That Santa would bring you everything on your list?

We’ve got something new at Cameron Village, and wishes are going to be coming true all over.

Meet our wish list cards.

See these pretties? Grab yours at any merchant in Cameron Village. As you shop, jot down all those lovely items that you’re dreaming about – anything from any store. Then tell us who might be just the one to stuff your stocking with them! Drop your completed card in one of the five holiday mailboxes stationed around the Village. We’ll pass the list to your Santa-love, Santa-mom, or Santa-friend, giving them all they need to make your holiday dreams happen.

But that’s only the beginning. Just wish it, and you might win it all! Five lucky shoppers will be selected to receive everything on their list, up to $1000. It’s our gift to you, our way of saying thank you for being part of our community and celebrating what you mean to us, this holiday season and all year long.

And more than ever this holiday season, we want to show some love for our whole community. Five more guests will be selected to give $1000 to the charity of your choice. Our city is filled with organizations doing good work for the community. Whether you want to feed the hungry, teach the littlest among us, save the earth, or show some love to our fuzzy friends, you know the charities that are making a difference. We want to make wishes come true for those in need this season, too.

So stop by the village today to join in the fun. Cards must be in the mailboxes by 6 p.m. on Thursday, December 7, so make your list and check it twice! But do it soon so that your wishes might come true.

Official sweepstake rules can be found HERE.

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