Behind the counter at Arrow, there’s a guy named Pete who hates vegetables and says his favorite beer is one he’s never tasted. 

Cameron Village is so much more than just stores – it’s stories. Behind each of our shops are real people, quirky characters who give this place the character it’s developed over 60+ years. You shop & dine here partly because our stores are full of things that make your house a home, gifts to delight your friends, food to feed your family. But it’s more than the stuff. Cameron Village is a community where merchants genuinely want to get to know you. And we want you to get to know us! Our new Village Shorts series will feature quick videos full of fun, insider tidbits. They’ll tell the story of our community, bringing you behind the scenes to meet your favorite merchants. Meet Pete and stay tuned to get to know more of the faces who make up Cameron Village!



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