A few weeks ago, we introduced our Village Shorts videos. Today, we’re back with the next in the series! These quirky, fun clips are designed to introduce you to the people who make up our community and take you behind the scenes.

When you shop in Cameron Village, you might meander through the stores, admiring the displays, discovering the trends. You make small talk, chatting with the gal behind the counter as she rings you up and carefully wraps your items in paper. Ever wonder about her story? Know why she has a passion for perfectly placed store window displays? What does she love about being in this community? Meet Kara!

At Cameron Village, we believe that people are the backbone of our success, the heart of our center. Our merchants work hard to get to know you, to find the products that you’ll simply love. Now it’s your turn to get to know us!



October 23, 2017

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