Uniquities owner Julie Jennings (pictured left) moved to North Carolina back in 1992 from Connecticut. She opened the first real women’s designer boutique in the area. 24 years and 4 locations later, Uniquities has continued to remain a fashion staple in the Triangle.

Uniquities 20th Anniversary

This summer, her Cameron Village store will be celebrating 20 years in the shopping center. We sat down with Julie to reflect on how much has changed.

Warning: EPIC 90s pictures below.

What do you like about fashion?

It’s fun. It’s challenging. I like it more because it never stays the same. It’s more like a puzzle you have to keep putting back together almost every day.

Uniquities Storefront 90s

The real question is, how do we get our hands on that fierce power suit on the far left?

Why did you open a store in Cameron Village?

I would say back then, people really felt like they were driving too far to go to Chapel Hill (the location of the original store), and the Triangle was really growing. We had so many customers coming from Raleigh.

There wasn’t anything else back then. And this is the oldest shopping center in North Carolina. Back in the day, all of Eastern North Carolina shopped here because they didn’t have any stores. There weren’t even independent boutiques in Charlotte.

What do you like about Cameron Village?

I think it has more of a mom-and-pop feel than any of the other shopping centers. And I think that York Properties has done such a nice job of trying to have a really unique mix of retailers. If I lived in Raleigh, I would shop and dine here a lot.

Uniquities Christmas 97

What have you noticed has changed since you opened the store?

Everything’s changed. There’s nothing that hasn’t changed. Although Cameron Village, out of all of the shopping centers in the Triangle, has maintained that neighborhood feel but also has modernized at the same time.

If you’ve ever been to Franklin St in Chapel Hill, you know things that are too slick don’t make it. Cameron Village is right in between being modern but keeping true to its roots. That’s what I like about it.

Uniquities Silver Christmas Tree

Julie pictured on the far right is prepping for the Cameron Village Holiday Open House.


What are you most excited about with the future of your store?

I think it’s hard sometimes to do long-term planning because you’re always planning for every day, every week, every month. And you have all these goals. I think it’s just continuing to evolve as shopping patterns change. For us, we’ve always been able to continue to evolve with changing trends, people, growth.

For me, I don’t know if it’s necessarily about how many stores can I open. I’d rather have quality than quantity.

Cheers to 20 years in Cameron Village, Uniquities! To celebrate, Uniquities is having a bunch of special deals coming up. Check them out!

August 10-17 Fall Pre-Sale Event

Take 24% off key fall items. Which items? You’ll have to follow Uniquities on Facebook and Instagram to find out.

August 25 Back to School Kickoff

All stores will be open until 8pm, a gift comes with your purchase, and spirited refreshments will be available.

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