A New Way to GLOW in Raleigh

One of our favorite things about 2018 is that it’s entirely acceptable to be comfortable in your cute athletic or leisure wear. It even has the most charming name, “athleisure wear.” We’re revealing a secret that seems to be a secret to no one…

You don’t have to be working out to rock your athleisure wear.

You could be doing anything in athleisure wear, especially shopping at Cameron Village!

Rachael Pusateri, owner of the the Local Squirrel, saw this trend firsthand on Village sidewalks. She says, “Owning Local Squirrel I noticed how prominent athlesiure wear is among shoppers. College students, carpool moms and older women alike are always coming into Local Squirrel in their comfy pieces.” That’s when inspiration struck, “ I felt like there was real opportunity to provide a boutique, judgement free experience for our shoppers,” she says.

This month, Pusateri opened the doors of GLOW in Cameron Village with the goal of being the Triangle’s athleisure wear destination. “There is no store in Raleigh like what we are doing, we aim to provide wardrobe pieces you can wear to class, playing with your kids, working out, strolling or binge watching Netflix,” Pusateri says.

(Left: GLOW Raleigh’s storefront located next to the Local Squirrel. Right: Owner Rachael Pusateri shows off some of GLOW’s latest athleisure wear.)

You feel GLOW’s uniqueness when you walk in the door. A towering white “tree” in the store’s center is surrounded by displays of coordinating leggings and hoodies. A quick glance around and you’ll find the perfect accessories for when you’re feeling athleisurely. You wouldn’t have to take off a pair of GLOW’s stud earrings or small, understated necklace for yoga class. Paired with GLOW’s yoga pants and tops, the jewelry is petite and comfortable enough to take you from the studio to the street. “Wear these pieces wherever and however you want,” Pusateri says.

If you’re not used to fitted leggings or crop tops are not your thing, GLOW has a variety of athleisure wear for a variety of sizes. “Shoppers will find an inclusive size range, extra small through extra large, in store. Several of the brands we are carrying are extending their sizes as well and we’re keeping up! Look for plus size events in the future.” Pusateri says she’d even like to showcase some maternity athleisure wear in the future. She believes the brands GLOW has partnered with will bring that type of variety to the store,”We’ve put in a ton of research and scouting into finding amazing lines to partner with. We have a variety of price points, fabrics and styles in store. Crop tops, longer tunics that cover your backside, throw on travel cardis. We have it all,” she says.

(Left: Janet St Clair, Director of Sales/Buyer for GLOW shows off patterned leggings. Right: Another display of GLOW’s athleisure wear and accessories.)

You can’t help but feel like you could belong at GLOW if you hung around the store for awhile. Pusateri believes that’s the idea. “GLOW is all about positivity and encouragement, “ she says. You can’t help but wonder what being a “GLOWGetter” is all about when you see the term printed on jackets and on the store’s walls, “We want to build a community of GLOWGetters who are driven busy gals striving to achieve their goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out. We have this definition posted behind our cash wrap so our customers can identify with us. We want you to feel accepted and empowered, like you can accomplish whatever you set their mind to and aren’t held back by restricting clothing.”

(Left: The GLOWGetter definintion on the store’s wall. Right: Pusateri wears her “GLOWGetter” jacket.)

Pusateri and her team invite you to find out what athleisure wear is all about and become a GLOWGetter. Stop into the store, located next to the Local Squirrel and feel the warm glow of Cameron Village’s newest community.  

The store will be partnering with fellow GLOWGetters in the area, collaborating on events and showcasing other awesome women in Raleigh. Stay tuned as they raise up fellow community builders and feel free to submit your own athleisure wear pics to info@glowraleigh.com. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram @glow_raleigh for the latest!

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