When you ask people about Cameron Village, there’s something special that happens. There’s a twinkle in their eye or a look on their face. They’re remembering a special moment. We’ve noticed over the years that people have unique experiences and memories of Cameron Village they don’t have at other shopping centers.

From delicious meals with friends and loved ones to special moments with their children to meeting their future spouse—we realized we needed to chronicle the stories of the Village.

That’s why we created the Living History page. It’s a repository of the personal anecdotes from our community. How did we get all of these fantastic stories? Read on.

Our First Living History Contest

To help jumpstart the page, we hosted a contest where we asked people to submit their best Cameron Village memories.

We had over 150 entries total. Many were happy. Some had us tearing up. It was so tough to pick a winner. But in the end, there was one that stood out.

Love is Colorblind

Barbara Geiger and Eleanor Upton were the winners of our Living History contest and you need to hear why.

This picture was taken in front of the former location of Woolworth's

This picture was taken in front of the site of the former Woolworths.

In their story Love is Colorblind, Barbara and her mother recount a time while shopping with their housekeeper, Sarah. While Eleanor was shopping at Boylan Pearce, Sarah and Barbara, who was only 3 or 4 at the time, went to Woolworths to get some refreshments. Unfortunately, they were denied service because Sarah was African American. Eleanor would have none of it and stormed over to the Woolworths and demanded service for Sarah. And they got it!

Eleanor’s act of bravery was a winner in our hearts and that’s why we believe she deserved to be the winner of our first Living History contest.

To hear the entire story from Barbara and Eleanor, visit the Living History page and find Love is Colorblind as the first story on the top left. 



The history of Cameron Village is constantly being written. Submit your story and you might see it on the Living History page in the near future.

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