Outdoor dining is always a hit around Cameron Village; our patios are popular on even the hottest summer afternoons. So what’s the best way to keep cool on a steamy summer day? Our merchants are enthusiastic about great beer and want to share their fave summer brews to help you beat the heat.

Benelux Coffee
With coffee front and center in the name, and the world’s largest coffee bean mural inside, visitors might not expect to find great beer at Benelux. But owner Steven Halaszi was inspired by the grand cafes in Europe that blend the best parts of a coffee house with a taproom. Benelux brings that European vibe to Cameron Village, with two rotating taps of NC craft beers and half a dozen more seasonal options in cans.

Benelux guests know well-crafted beer, and lately they went crazy over the Laccadive Layover Pale Ale. This collaboration with Raleigh’s Compass Rose Brewery used locally-roasted Benelux Cold Brew for a truly unique, and truly local, flavor. It sold out in a hurry, but there are still plenty of tasty options to beat the heat: try Raleigh Brewing’s Dear Ol’ Dixie Pale Ale on tap or Fullsteam Brewery’s Lucky Straw Farmhouse Ale in cans. Or crack open a Delirium Tremens, fresh from Belgium, to get the taste and the atmosphere of Europe’s grand cafes right here in the Village.

Flying Biscuit Cafe
Ask Operating Partner Daniel Palatucci about the atmosphere at Flying Biscuit Cafe, and you’ll hear him use words like relaxed, laid back, and unpretentious. “We try to be as close as we can to bringing you your beer on your porch after cutting the grass in the summer,” he says. They keep their selection close to home, featuring exclusively NC-based beers on the menu. For beer lovers who know NC’s vast & diverse craft brew scene, the options are endless. But for those more comfortable with familiar national brands, ask for guidance! They are happy to point you toward a local beer you’ll love just as much.

Breakfast foods take center stage at Flying Biscuit Cafe, so the Fresh Squeeze from Raleigh Brewing has been a summertime hit. The hint of blood orange brings a cool citrus tone that is perfect for a summertime brunch. Or try it a bit stronger, mixed in their signature Manlier-Mosa cocktail – a fun twist on the mimosa. Pair it with Flying Biscuit’s famous moon dusted potatoes and you’ve got a day drink to keep you cool after all that yard work. And the patio’s just as comfortable as your back deck.


An ice cold brew with that trim and shave? Arrow’s slogan, “Shorter Hair. Guaranteed,” points the way toward a classic, old-school barber shop style. But the chance to crack open a can of a great craft beer elevates the haircut from just another chore on the list. “Offering complimentary beers has always been an essential part of our business,” says owner Pete Phipps. “It tells [customers] they just entered a space that is meant to be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.”

To beat the summer heat, Arrow clients are loving the Humidity Pale Ale from Fullsteam Brewery in Durham. When temps are in the 90’s and humidity leaves you sweating, this easy-drinking pale ale brings a moment of cool. Sporting a vintage fan image on the can, Humidity just seems to go with a classic, straight razor shave. And stay tuned for a cooler weather collaboration with Trophy Brewing, coming in December.

Named for the incredible cuisine from South of the Tropic of Cancer, so•ca features loads of Latin and Caribbean influences on their menu. Between the summer heat and a little spice on your plate, a cold beer is definitely in order, and you’ll find plenty of NC breweries on tap. But their global influences aren’t just in the food; the Beers from Abroad list gives you the chance to taste bottled lagers from South America and throughout the Caribbean.

But let so•ca’s Beverage Director Tolson Kenney make a suggestion, and he’ll point you toward the El Gose from Avery Brewing. “This tart wheat beer brewed with sea salt and lime is perfect with our cuisine and this time of year. Any of the ceviches and this beer are a great pairing!” Pull up a seat at the bar and ask for a suggestion. So.ca staff know their beer, and are thrilled to help you find what you’re looking for.


Tazza Kitchen
Quality is key at Tazza, from the freshest ingredients to the perfect plating. Manager Reggie McGee says “Our philosophy is to always source the best ingredients for our food menu, and we hold that same standard with regards to the beverage program. Lucky for us, living in NC makes the beer selection pretty easy.” Tazza customers have been digging the Crank Arm Brewing Whitewall Wheat lately. This Belgian-style Wit is light and crisp, perfect for cooling off with a wood-fired pizza topped with summer squash.

But if you get the chance to ask Reggie his favorite, he’ll point you toward the Saisons and Sours that he discovered a few years ago. For a unique treat, try the Glean from Raleigh’s Brewery Bhavana. It’s a mango peppercorn Saison and it will not disappoint. Cheers!

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