You’ve got choices about where you shop. The reason you keep coming back to Cameron Village is more than just the fabulous fashion or great gifts. It’s the friendly faces who make shopping a pleasure. It’s the staff who can help you find just what you need. It’s chatting with shop owners who have inside scoop on what’s trending now. It’s the experience you find shopping here; the service is what makes us great.


Remember our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover of Cary? You’ve seen their cars around the village, and seen bloggers testing out those snazzy rides. One of the reasons this connection works so well is that both Cameron Village and Jaguar Land Rover put serving you first.

Start with the service department. There’s not much fun about getting your car repaired at most places. It’s time out of your day and it feels like a hassle. Not here. Spend that time in one of Jaguar Land Rover’s two comfortable waiting lounges with luxury amenities, or keep on moving with a complimentary loaner vehicle. Certified Jaguar Land Rover technicians will fix what needs fixing, but they will also include a free multi-point inspection with every visit to make sure there’s nothing else on the horizon. And when you get your keys back? You’ll find it’s been shined right up with a free wash and vacuum every time.


But it’s not just the service department that’s going above and beyond. Remember the last time you bought a new car? You take a test drive, the sales team shows you all the insider tricks, you sign on the dotted line and drive away – only to forget exactly how to unlock the glove compartment. Meet Brock. Brock Blanks is an Encore Delivery Specialist who’s been with the company since 2016. He knows everything – everything! – there is to know about the vehicles. When you purchase a new car, he will give you a little time to explore it and enjoy it. And when you’ve had a couple of weeks to get familiar, he will come to you and make sure you are using your vehicle to its fullest.


Who else in the Village is serving up superior service?

Woof Gang Bakery

Don’t you hate it when you run out of dog food? The kids may be responsible enough to put a scoop in Fido’s bowl each morning, but they are definitely not in the business of reminding you that the bag’s getting low. Schlepping the 30 pound bag home from the store is a pain, and even the most petite pup seems to devour those big bags in no time! Enter Woof Gang. They are now offering home delivery of their dog foods, even offering a monthly subscription so it lands on your doorstep, right on time.

Kannon Women’s

For that formal event coming up, Kannon’s will take the stress out of finding what to wear. They love to help you find a timeless, classic dress for your social occasion, and make sure you’ve got just the right accessories to set it off. But did you know they also maintain a dress registry? Joe Ann Wright, co-owner of Kannon’s, knows that you don’t want to appear at the big event only to find 2 others sporting the same look. They keep an event book to make sure they don’t sell the same dress, or even the same color, to the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. And they maintain a list of everything they sell for the debutante ball and deb parties, so they aren’t selling the same dress for the same event. For this family, superior service has been part of the fabric of their business since it was started in 1916 by her grandfather, Isaac Kannon. “I remember growing up mother wouldn’t sell the same dress to 2 people in the same church,” she says. Today, that legacy of above and beyond service continues.

Our Cameron Village family has lots of folks who go to great lengths to make sure you are taken care of. Penzeys Spices makes sure your gift boxes are packaged up just so and that you’ve got the perfect recipe for those incredible seasonings. Nadeau will help you get that new bookshelf home without a scratch, thanks to their contracts with delivery companies. And the folks running the drive through at Chick-Fil-A are hands down the nicest people on the planet. Hard to say what magic they sprinkle on their fries, but it certainly does keep their staff bringing a smile to harried drive through customers.


Good service can be found in lots of places. But great service, above and beyond what’s expected, is what sets Cameron Village apart.

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