Walk into Roi Parker Salon on a typical Tuesday morning, and you’ll be welcomed in by an unlikely greeter: Margie. With Roi Parker’s well-earned reputation as one of the best salons in town, it’s no surprise that she’d be petite, blonde, and perfectly coiffed. And it’s no surprise that she’ll welcome you so warmly and so enthusiastically that you’ll feel right at home before you even sit in the chair. What is a surprise is that she’s only 5 pounds and less than 12 inches tall, and her welcome greeting looks like a wagging tail. Meet Margie the Maltipoo.

As tiny and adorable as any pup you’ve ever seen, Margie has become the salon’s unofficial mascot. She climbs onto the displays to check out Roi Parker’s exclusive line of styling products, she hops on the counter to assist office manager Lillian Redding  with scheduling, and she will happily curl up in your lap if you are willing to share a little snuggle. She’s even served as a practice client, appearing recently with a hint of lavender balayage on the tip of her tail. 

Though she may be unexpected, Margie’s a perfect symbol of the warm and comfortable welcome you will find at Roi Parker Salon. With 20+ years of experience running a salon in Raleigh, owner Roi Parker knows that top notch customer service from behind the chair is the key to success in the industry. There’s something about sitting in the stylist’s chair that allows people to share the most intimate details of their lives. “They’re crying. They’re laughing. They’re loving,” he says. “Every client needs you to reach them where they are. They want to know you heard them.”

Roi may be the owner, but he swears that office manager Lillian runs the show. She ensures that every client gets the kind of attention and service that meets their needs. For new clients, she carefully matches each client’s needs with the stylists, tailoring the appointment to the client. She helped promote the debut of their hair care line when they made the move to Cameron Village, and she’s nearly doubled their Instagram following in the past year. Every artist needs that down-to-earth, organized person keeping them moving forward, and Lillian makes that happen for Roi Parker Salon. She is there to make all those details come together so that every experience in the chair is the best it can be.

What’s the story with the hair care products? The secret is right there in the logo. The image looks like a compass within a compass, a symbol that these products encompass all types of hair. All ethnicities, all textures, Roi Parker Advanced Hair Care products are gentle enough to use on color-treated hair and strong enough to style the finest of baby thin locks. Products are made with natural ingredients, and they leave out all the yukky stuff – no parabens, no sulfates, no alcohol. They are highly concentrated and without fillers, so you use less and they last longer. The line is sold in many of the finest salons and spas and loved throughout the world. In fact, the first place it was sold was in the Cayman Islands. (Ask Roi about going swimming with the Cayman Governor!)

Want to keep up with what’s happening at Roi Parker? Perhaps you want some occasionally goofy videos of Roi and the team living it up at the salon? Their Insta is where its at. (Check out their Earth Day video where they “grow” a shampoo bottle from the ground!) They have found that lots of new clients have discovered them, and the Roi Parker Advanced Hair Care products, through Instagram. All social media are photo-centric, says Lillian, but Instagram really provides them with an opportunity to create an online portfolio that’s ever growing and current. They can go live from shows and events and show clients the most current looks instantly. And they can showcase great color and great cuts quickly and easily.

One of their biggest passions is education. “We are all students at heart, constantly learning every day,” says Roi. It used to be that New York was the center of the stylist universe, with the hottest trends and looks starting there. Artists would have to go to NY to train, but now opportunities for learning exist online. Learning new techniques is as easy as opening up your laptop. And the education piece extends to the client, too. Roi says that technology can take us apart, cause us to lose touch with one another. That’s why he puts such emphasis on a consultation with every client, bringing them back to real life, in person connections. Whether helping you learn how to hold the brush to get the perfect curl or reminding you to wear a swim cap to protect from the drying effects of the pool, he wants to be sure you can replicate the salon perfect locks. Because despite all the technology, everyone needs to spend some time sitting in the chair, pouring out their hearts to a stylist who will truly listen.

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