Flywheel is excited to announce they are now offering Pack Memberships, a new way to crush classes each month. 

Pack Memberships let you FLY for less AND hook you up with their signature member perks (like complimentary Challenge access and more). Here’s how it works: Pick a pack based on how frequently you take a class each month. The more classes you get, the more you’ll save, and your pack will automatically renew every month. 

  • 4 classes/month: $80 ($20/class)
  • 8 classes/month: $144 ($18/class)
  • 12 classes/month: $192 ($16/class)

And to give you even more flexibility, all credits and Pack Memberships can now be used for Flywheel and FlyBarre in the Raleigh studio. 

Hope to see you in the studio soon!

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