Join CorePower Yoga’s ‘Boot Camp’ 2-week circuit training program on May 7th. Boot Camp’s one-hour workouts 6 days per week are designed to increase your metabolism and change your fitness routine. These creative and intense workouts include; strength training, circuit training, plyometrics, Interval training, and tabata training. (Note that they do NOT incorporate yoga into this program) 
Their fun, supportive team environment to help you lose fat, tone your muscles, improve your fitness and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Your personal coach is always just an email or phone call away!


6AM- 7AM: May 6th – 13th

REST DAY : Sunday, May 14th —ENJOY!

Saturday, May 20th : 6:00:-7:30AM Final Workout / Fit Test – POT LUCK!


Total Program Fee: $399
Auto-Pay Member Discounted Fee: $319
Alumni Discounted Fee: $359
Deposit: $200—Limited Space is Available

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