You won't want to miss Bailey's Big Sale with prices up to 60% off!

It IS THE sale you’ve been waiting for! The legendary – once a year event – that raving fans live for! Bailey’s Multi Million Dollar Inventory Reduction Sale! Known to thousands as Bailey’s Big Sale! It all starts this Thursday, April 27th.

Red tags are everywhere. From diamonds to watches… bracelets, rings, earrings… Prices have been slashed up to 60%. It is a bargain hunter’s dream-come-true.

When the most beautiful jewelry in North Carolina goes on sale, you don’t want to miss it! So change your plans, adjust your schedule and hurry to Bailey’s Big Sale.
You’re going to love it!

Mother’s Day, anniversary or getting engaged. Whatever you are celebrating, there is NOTHING better than a Bailey Box on SALE! AND financing is available.

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