Right off of Clark Ave, under Accipiter lies a bunch of hidden gems within a hidden gem. Much like the mischievous feline from Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat Gallery can be tricky to find, but once you do, you’re in for a treat. For those of you who don’t know, the Cheshire Antique Gallery is an underground Cameron Village shop where you can find all sorts of antique treasures, from jewelry to furniture to art to classic vinyl. Cheshire Cat vendor and interior designer Emily Cochran takes us around the Cheshire Cat to find nine amazing pieces for your home.

Glass Coffee Table

We begin with this baker-style coffee with bamboo base. It features a glass top with a brass edge. This is a great classic piece that could certainly be a focal point for your living room. Booth: Instant Gratifications.

_Coffee Table


Green Lamp

If you’re looking for a unique lamp, this is the one. Vivid yellows and greens blend into one another to create a gorgeous palette. Booth: Ron Mitchell Art and Antiques.

_Green Lamp


Watercolor Prints

These prints of original artwork by Caroline Gilbert are great for gallery art walls. They come in bright, beautiful colors and many are inspired by Asian cultures. Booth: Curio.

_Exotic Watercolors


Pagoda Table

Here we have a great accent table with very interesting lines. If you’re wondering why it’s called a “pagoda table,” take a look below it. We missed it the first time too. Booth: Emily Co – Hot Tip: Emily said if you mention this blog post at Cheshire Cat, she’ll knock $100 off of the price!

_Pagoda Table


Vintage Paint By Number

Emily tells us that vintage paint by numbers are extremely hot right now, this one especially so because of its Asian influence. Booth: CW3.

_Paint by Numbers


Mid-Century Zebra Chair

Mid-Century furniture is all the rage right now and animal prints are always fun. Why not combine the two? Booth: HIP.

_Mid-Century Zebra


Wicker Elephant

A little charm, a little whimsy, a little practicality…this wicker elephant foot stool has it all. It would serve as fantastic accent piece or, if you have it a bathroom, a great place to store towels. Booth: South of Houston.

_Wicker Elephant


Greek Key Bar

This bar features greek keys which is the rectangular pattern you can see on all of the drawers. It’s a subtle feature that adds a lot of character to this high-end piece. Booth: Wester-Niven.

_Greek Key Bar



Need to add a sense of drama to a smaller room? This mini-chandelier will be perfect for you. Booth: KB.

_Mini Chandelier


– – –

There you have it. Nine fantastic pieces from the Chesire Cat. But this is just a kitten-sized fraction of the treasures you’ll find inside there. Plan a visit and make sure you have time because you’ll be amazed at how many incredible items you’ll find.

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