When you walk into Nadeau in Cameron Village for the first time, it’s hard not to say, “Ooohhhhh!” The store has such an eclectic collection of unique, hand-made pieces. And customers are often surprised every time they visit, because the store is constantly changing its inventory. We recently spoke to Daniel Cavanaugh, the manager of the Cameron Village location, to learn more about him, his store, and what it means to have “furniture with a soul.”

Nadeau Daniel


Daniel began working for Nadeau in Charleston, SC.

“I had no idea what Nadeau was before I started working for them, but I’ve been in sales and retail for most of my life. So I applied to a job there and it just felt like a good fit for me. Turns out it was a great decision.”

How did Nadeau end up in Cameron Village? The company did a survey asking where fans would like a new store. People all over the nation voted and Raleigh was number one.

“They started looking in this area,” says Daniel “and Cameron Village was a great opportunity.” “It’s not your typical mall,” he adds. “There’s a lot of independent shops. That’s why we fit in so well here. There isn’t a Nadeau in every shopping center. There’s only one in a given city.”

Special Shipments

If you’ve ever wondered how Nadeau gets all of its furniture, the process is pretty interesting. Every month, Nadeau receives two containers overflowing with exciting furniture—over 200 pieces at a time.

Nadeau Delivery cropped

“It’s like Christmas morning every time we get a shipment,” says Daniel. “Each store has its own little unique shipment as well. So we even have different pieces than our store in Charlotte.”

The company only selects vendors from India and Indonesia that hand make every piece with solid wood. That way, everything is special and nothing is mass produced.


That solid wood that he mentioned? He’s not kidding around.

“Some of the pieces that we get are acacia wood, which is the hardest wood on Earth,” says Daniel. “It’s what I call a ‘forever piece.’”

They also get a lot of mango wood pieces from India, which come along with some interesting facts.

According to Daniel, the mango tree produces mango fruit for around 20 years and then it dies. After that, they cut the tree down use the wood to build furniture. Then they plant new ones.

“So, it’s good for the environment. And the wood is awesome. It has very pretty grains,” says Daniel.

Another fun fact: you might recognize acacia wood from The Bible as it is mentioned several times in the text. Some theologians believe acacia wood was used in the construction of The Arc.

Nadeau 2


Of course it’s nice to know that each piece is special, but right now certain pieces are especially hot.

This time of year, for example, is TV stand season. Why? “Football,” says Daniel. “Football brings TV stands into people’s minds. Every other customer that walks in asks, ‘Do you have TV stands? What kind of TV stands do you have?’” All because of the pigskin.

Also, popular this time of year? Dining tables. Which makes sense with the holidays coming up. With everyone having large amounts of family and friends visiting, and even larger amounts of food, a new dining table is a great addition.


One question we did have for Daniel is that with all of this amazing furniture in the store, is it ever tempting to set aside some pieces for yourself?

“Absolutely,” he says with a laugh. “I would say more when I first started. It’s kind of worn off now. I’ve been with the company over six years now. But when I first started, every shipment, all I could think about was myself.”

Nadeau 1

Just in case you were wondering, in Daniel’s home, he has a coffee table, a TV stand, dining table, two dressers, and four nightstands—all from Nadeau. So, he’s a big fan to say the least.

Special Deals

And if you’re reading this post, you’re probably wondering if Nadeau has any special deals happening. Well the answer is yes and no.

“The company started as a wholesaler to the trade,” says Daniel. “We recently converted to retail but we’ve kept the same philosophy. We’re a one-price company and we mark it as low as we can go. We don’t have sales. But our prices are sale price every day.”

Another cool thing that Daniel mentioned is that every year, the company visits the vendors in India and Indonesia and brings along managers. Daniel hasn’t gone yet, but he’s thinks he’s due. We’re crossing our fingers for you, Daniel!

To get all the information about Nadeau including address, hours, phone number, and links to all of their social channels, visit the Nadeau page on our site.

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