You may feel right at home when you walk into Cameron Village’s newest store. That’s because Nest, a home interiors boutique, has all the inspiration you could ever want to make your living space what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Maybe it’s the beautiful lighting or the warm, contemporary decor. Maybe it’s the smiling team of Interior Designers ready to help you make your home beautifully yours, but Nest brings the latest in home designs to Raleigh. The feeling of coming home is what Nest owner Monika Williams wants customers to experience. “Because of the way we like to merchandise the store, and also the way we build out the space, clients always say they feel instantly welcomed,” Williams says.

(Left: The Nest storefront. Right: One of the interior designs displayed in the new store.)

The Boutique Difference

Williams and her staff will tell you Nest is not like a traditional interior design firm, but also not like any other home decor store. She says, “What makes us different than traditional interior design firms is the combination of interior design and everything being at your fingertips in the shop.”

In-house Interior Designers Renee Youman and Jennie Burleson bring their expertise to Nest to give clients hands-on and completely personalized service. Nest offers a full hour of free consultation for all clients. Shoppers can buy right off the store floor or make a custom order for their home.  “If a customer doesn’t have time to place a special order, chances are they will find something on the floor which is always welcomed. We are not just a showroom with samples,” Williams says.

(L-R: Amanda Blanton, Assistant Manager, Renee Youman, Interior Designer, Jennie Burleson, Interior Designer, Monika Williams, Owner, Marie Polak, Wilmington Manager, Kettie Mooney, Raleigh Manager)

Nest “West”

Nest has been a popular interior design location in Wilmington, NC for more than six years now and Williams believes “Nest West,” as they affectionately call it in Cameron Village, is the perfect place to expand offerings in Raleigh. “We are so excited about our location in Cameron Village! I feel there is a great following here and the foot traffic seems amazing. It’s just a happy place to walk around and shop and parking is so much better than many shopping areas. I feel that Nest is a perfect fit for Cameron Village because there is nothing quite like it there,” she says.

In-Store Surprises

Nest’s shelves have a few surprises you don’t see in most interior design stores. Assistant Manager Amanda Blanton says, “We’re not just a furniture shop or home interiors. We have jewelry, accessories and women’s clothing too. People who have come in are excited to see that. It separates us from a regular interior store.”

(Left: Williams shows some of Nest’s clothing and accessories. Right: Williams arranges a shelf with candles and beauty products.)

Come make a home at Nest. Williams believes being part of the Village will bring boutique interior design home to you. “Hopefully, Nest will develop an amazing following between our designers, our eclectic mix of furnishings, accessories and gifts and incredible customer service,” she says with a welcoming smile.  


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