Oh, pizza. Why must you tempt us with your cheesy goodness? Whether you’re looking for a traditional Italian pie or a crispy flatbread with a twist, Cameron Village has the pizza options you’re craving.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
Great pizza in a low key, comfortable setting is what Brixx is all about. General Manager Drew Capps strives to make it a place you’re equally comfortable bringing your buddies for a beer on Trivia Thursdays and bringing your pizza-loving preschooler. In fact, they keep root beer on tap behind the bar for kids to enjoy. He tells of one family who’ve been regulars since Brixx opened in 2014. Their young son loves to sit at the bar, asking for one root beer after another to go with his pizza. The bartenders are happy to oblige their pint-size patron’s requests.

Brixx pizza starts with fresh dough, made in house each morning. Top it with an incredible variety of fresh toppings: from rosemary chicken & mushroom to pear & gorgonzola. When overloaded with choices, try the most popular – the Bronx Bomber, loaded with spicy sausage and prosciutto and topped with gorgonzola cheese. Special dietary needs? Their house dough is always vegan, and they can make any pizza on a gluten free crust. They use a separate line and separate pans so gluten free options never come in contact with flour, making sure they are truly Celiac-friendly.

For a lighter lunch option, the half and half pizza and salad combo is the perfect fit. With a half portion of any pizza and any salad for only $7.95, it will keep you going all afternoon. The Mediterranean salad goes great with the Greek pizza for a perfect – and health-conscious – combo for any pizza lover.

Cafe Carolina & Bakery
While Cafe Carolina might have started as a soup and sandwich joint, the menu has grown into something much more, says owner Ron Hines. Take the concept of a pizza – a delicious sauce and a mix of toppings – but give it a twist by putting it on a crispy, cracker-like crust in their signature flatbreads. The groove lines on the thin grilled crust give plenty of space for sauce and and creative combos of toppings.

Customer favorites include the Chicken Fiesta, loaded with black beans, onions, and cilantro for a southwest vibe, and the Spinach Artichoke topped with parmesan and feta. Classic pizza-style toppings include pepperoni with traditional marinara sauce and tomato basil. And a rotating menu of seasonal options mean something new every time you come in. Stay tuned for the new Chicken Caesar flatbread, which will mirror their other flatbread styles but will feature a Caesar salad on top. That’s taking the pizza and a salad concept to new heights! When you’re craving the taste of pizza but seeking a lighter, lower-calorie option, Cafe Carolina’s flatbreads are just what you’re looking for.

Piccola Italia
At Piccola Italia, pizza is a family affair. Owner and chef Frank Amato has been honing his culinary skills since the 1970’s, crafting classic Italian pizza since he moved to the US from Palermo, Italy. His daughter keeps the business running, and most days you’ll find his son in the back, keeping things moving smoothly in the kitchen. As one of the long-standing stalwarts of Cameron Village, Frank has years of experience, and his pride in the restaurant is born through decades of spreading mozzarella onto delicious pizza.

They key to his success? Quality ingredients. The herbs and spices come fresh from Frank’s own garden, with huge jars of sage, rosemary, & basil lining the countertop. The Margherita pizza is the most popular, so that fresh basil finds a good home quickly. Another well-loved favorite is The Gladiator, piled high with enough ham, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and ground beef to make the meatiest meat lover swoon. And don’t skip straight to the pizza, either; the fried calamari appetizer and unique Italian wines will keep you coming back to Piccola Italia again and again for an authentic taste of Italy.

Tazza Kitchen
Tazza’s general manager Reggie McGee has a passion for good food. From the moment you meet him, he can’t stop smiling as he talks about trips he took to Italy to research the perfect Neopolitan style pies or why the woodburning oven isn’t just for pizza. He’s a storyteller at heart, and his tales about tomatoes and the Buf mozzarella Tazza gets from Bogota, Columbia will captivate you every bit as much as the pizza.

The woodburning oven takes center stage at Tazza Kitchen, and rightly so. It gives their pizzas a perfectly crisp crust and adds great flavor to appetizers like the Cast Iron Goat Cheese. All of their pizzas are popular, but the Spicy Sausage & Black Pepper Honey is far and away the biggest hit with Tazza fans. Reggie thinks his customers would stage a protest if he ever tried to take it off the menu! The ground pork comes from NC’s Heritage Farms and the honey from Bee Blessed in Princeville, showing they keep their promise to keep ingredients local. Their seasonal rotation keeps options fresh – grab the Summer Squash pizza now before it fades away with the summer heat.

Try one or try them all; you’re sure to find the perfect pizza get your fix!

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