Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time for good food, family, and the time when procrastinators realize they should probably start getting some gifts. If you’re in present crunchtime mode, Cameron Village is here to help. We sat down with style and interior design guru Jamie Meares of Furbish and asked for her opinion on five exclusive last-minute Christmas gifts.

Watercolor Emoji Prints

When words just aren’t enough 😉

Emoji Artwork

Jamie says: “I had an artist in Arizona who does watercolors, she took our favorite four emojis from the iPhone and she created watercolor artwork of them. We communicate so much in emojis these days. It’s kind of an international language. People walk in and see one and think, ‘Oh, that’s exactly what my best friend and I say all the time,’ or ‘My mom uses that one all the time.’ They’re framed in a 6×6 frame so it’s a cute little piece of artwork. Not too big. Just a little quirky piece that people can put in a bookcase or somewhere in their house to have a little sense of humor. And they’re exclusive to us to you can’t find them anywhere else.”


Needlepoint Pillows

Grandma, eat your heart out.

Got it All Together

Jamie says: “We’ve made some needlepoint pillows that are a take on a vintage pillow you might find at your grandmother’s house but we have updated it with rap lyrics or funny sayings. It’s a little bit of a twist on the traditional. People are loving these. They come in and they see them and immediately think of a friend or someone that it reminds them of.”


Mr. And Mrs. Glassware Set

These are just too cute.

Mr and Mrs Holiday

Jamie says: “We sell a Mr. and Mrs. cocktail set. Those are our best sellers throughout the entire year. They’re small, old-fashioned glasses and one has “Mr.” with a mustache and one has “Mrs.” with lips. And we do a special edition of those during the holidays with a Santa hat. That’s a great gift if you have a white elephant or if you need a hostess gift or if it’s someone’s anniversary or their first Christmas together. We always sell a ton of those and it comes in a great little gift box that’s ready to give.”


Statement Pieces

If you want to make a statement with your accessories, Furbish has you covered.

Tassel Necklaces

Jamie says: “We’ve got a lot of great accessories in right now. We’ve got some really cool tassel necklaces that are a bestseller. They come in neon colors. We have sourced those from Bali. They’re a cool little hippie, global feel.”


Gift Certificates

And if you have one of those friends or family members that is extremely difficult to buy for, there’s no shame in getting a gift card.

Furbish Gift Card

Jamie says: “A lot of the products we carry at Furbish are one-of-a-kind and our inventory is constantly changing. What our customers told us they love about Furbish is the discovery and the adventure. You come in and you don’t necessarily need anything but you just find something that you can’t live without. A lot of customers like to treat their friends and family to a gift certificate say they can come in and have that experience of finding something that really speaks to them.”


There you have it. Five fantastic last-minute gifts exclusive to Furbish. Thanks, Jamie!

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