Looking to fulfill your New Year’s resolu-zen? We spoke with Kelly Sloan, instructor and area manager for CorePower Yoga. Kelly moved from Chicago late last year to help open up the studio in Cameron Village. We sat down with her (in lotus pose) to talk yoga.


What got you interested in yoga?

After college, I was looking for a hobby. I actually had arthritis in my foot and I got introduced to yoga. After a few months of practicing, the arthritis completely went away. I saw how amazing yoga is and how beneficial it is for your body and your mind.

That’s kind of how I got started. I wasn’t even doing yoga very long until I enrolled in teacher training. I was teaching for about a year until I wanted to pursue my career and started managing a studio and did that for a few years until I came out here to open a new market.


What drew you to CorePower Yoga?

I actually started at a different yoga studio and it was the same class every time. I heard about how with CorePower, if you’re brand new, you automatically get a free week, which I think is an awesome idea to just try it out and see if it’s for you and you like it. I tried out my free week and I went seven consecutive days because there was a great variety.


What classes do you offer?

We have five to six different classes. Right now at the Cameron Village studio we have four and we’ll expand. We’ve got Yoga Sculpt which is yoga with weights. If you want more cardio and plyometrics and resistance, that’s for you. Or if you’re looking for more detox and stretch, we’ve got a Hot Power Fusion class, which is more standing and balancing and there’s a little bit of flow. And then we’ve got CoreRestore. We don’t have that here yet, but we will bring it to Cameron Village, and that’s more sitting and stretching.

We’ve got beginner. We’ve got advanced. Just a variety of different of classes and it’s consistent throughout. So if you travel and you see CorePower, you know what you’re gonna get.


For people who have a fitness resolution for 2016 and are interested in yoga but might be a little bit intimidated, what would you say to them?

It’s common to walk into a studio without ever doing yoga. You don’t know what it’s about. It could be very intimidating. That’s why we offer a beginner level class. That’s what I always advise. You’ve gotta start somewhere. Everyone’s a beginner at some point. And that class is awesome. It’s a set sequence. So I always recommend going five times because that’s when you get to learn and familiarize yourself with the different postures. And to me, just from that week, you notice a change in your body. And not only physically, but mentally.

Like I had bad sleeping habits and because of yoga, I sleep a lot better and I stress less. I’d just advise them to try it. Start with this beginner class and recognize how you feel and they’re going to feel different.


Do you have anything special going on for the new year?

Starting on January 18th, we are launching a challenge. It’s called Ignite Your Intention Challenge. It’s for people to set an intention and their goals for the new year. The challenge is to take 20 classes in 45 days. It runs from January 18th to March 2nd. We’ll have sticker boards up so as people take a class, they can put a sticker up to keep track. For those that complete it, they’ll get a CorePower t-shirt. It doesn’t even matter if you complete it. It’s just about trying. And if yoga is something you want to be a part of your life, why not start with this and set goals for yourself?


Do you see other members of the Cameron Village community coming in for yoga?

People from Capital Run Walk across the way come here. There’ve been people that I’ve met in restaurants that come here. People just want everybody to be successful. We talk about each other and we’re all great people who have awesome businesses in the area. So, I do see people from all over which is great. They’re supporting us. We’re supporting them and that’s what a community is all about.


How do you like living in the area so far?

I love this area. It’s unique. There’s just so many different shops and restaurants and bars and everyone is just so friendly. That’s huge. People want to talk to you. In Chicago, people are always on the go-go-go. It’s more laid back and chill here.

The biggest thing I love about Cameron Village is community. That’s huge here and you see it when you walk in and out of stores. Everyone gets to know each other and not just because they’re neighbors. They want to get to know each other. I love that.

– – –

Don’t worry if you missed signing up by the 18th. Kelly informed us that if you call before this Friday, January 22nd, you can still get in on the action.

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