Was “get in better shape” one of your New Year’s resolutions? We sat down with Lori Klein, mother of two and Marketing Manager for Flywheel Sports to talk about her experiences with the company and why you should take Flywheel for a spin.


As someone who is really into fitness, what made Flywheel special?

At Flywheel, everyone seems to become an extended member of each others’ family and everyone’s connecting in a meaningful way by really supporting each other’s’ fitness.

And it’s a great workout. That was, for me, a really big thing. I always ran and I can’t run right now because of tears in my knee. I’ve done probably every kind of cardio there is and there was nothing than ever gave me a runner’s high like Flywheel does. The endorphins are really addictive. The FlyBarre workouts are also incredibly challenging and effective. Using light weights, high repetitions, and a lot of pilates-inspired core moves, you really see a difference when doing it consistently. And the new FlyBarre Sport classes that were just added are really challenging. They are high intensity interval training workouts, and they definitely give you your money’s worth.


What do you offer at Flywheel?

We offer indoor cycling in a stadium (with bikes on raised platforms) where the lights are dimmed and the instructor has a spotlight on them. The ride is 45 minutes long and it consists of hills and flats and there’s different resistance on the bike. The bike has a tech pack so when the instructor says turn it up, you don’t have to wonder, “Am I turning it up too high? Am I working harder than anyone else. Am I not working hard enough?” It’s a quantitative read-out on your bike.

So for example the instructor will say, “Ok, we’re doing a flat road, turn it between 15 and 18 on the resistance.” Or “We’re doing a hill. Turn it up to 35.” So, you know you’re in the right zone. And they’ll give you speed goals to try to achieve. When I first started, I couldn’t come anywhere near the speed goals, but by the fifth class, I could hit them. And now I can hit them and surpass them. (Not bad for a mother of two!). 

We also partner with a lot of local organizations. Raleigh Raw, which is one of the local cold press organic juice companies, will come in and sample things. Or Tropical Smoothie Cafe or Freshii. We’re really big on reaching out into the community and getting them in front of our riders and also giving our riders the experience of some of the healthy options in Raleigh.


Spinning Dark


What would you say to someone who would like to try spinning for the first time but might be a little bit intimidated?

I think that Flywheel is the most inclusive fitness facility I’ve ever been in. We have everyone from 15-year-olds to a 65-year-old who had his birthday party here last year. It’s everyone. It’s people who just had a baby. It’s people who haven’t done any kind of exercise before. And the fact that it is in a darkened stadium kind of makes you less self conscious.

What struck me the most when I first walked in, because it is kind of an upscale sort of environment, was that everyone who worked here was so friendly. There were just huge smiles and they seemed really genuine and I learned that they really were.


What about people who’ve made it a New Year’s resolution to get fit?

For anyone who is looking to get fit who has made that a New Year’s resolution, the timing is perfect. For one thing, we offer the first class for free. So, if someone creates an account at flywheelsports.com, chooses North Carolina, they can reserve a bike or a mat and try the class. Also, we are kicking off a four-week “Get Fit With Fly” Challenge in a couple of weeks. It’s a great way to make good on those resolutions. There are a number of options, and it includes workshops, one-on-one coaching,  a nutrition plan, free credits for guests to join, and a 15% discount if people sign up with a friend. And there’s a sweet swag bag at the end, plus weekly gifts. We have done challenges in the past, and continue to offer them periodically because people love them and the results are truly life changing. It’s really the best thing you can give to yourself AND to your family is a healthier, happier version of you.  

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So if you’re looking for a fun way to get fit, head on over to Flywheel Sports, sign up for your first class for FREE, and hop on a bike or a mat. Happy riding.

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