“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” —Josh Billings

Let’s be honest. Dogs are essentially the best and Cameron Village is no stranger to them. In addition to being a dog-friendly shopping center, several of the store owners have pooches roaming around their shops. Here are a few of Cameron’s canines and the pet-friendly stores they call home.


C.T. Weekends – Pork Chop

Pork Chop

When asked to describe Pork Chop’s personality, Kristi Hipple of C.T. Weekends says, “This is it!”

It’s hard to miss Pork Chop because he’s often the first thing you’ll see or step over when you walk into C.T. Weekends. Above you see him in his natural habitat, lying on the entry mat, drifting somewhere between asleep and awake. However, he might spring to action if a good head or butt scratch (or treat) seems likely.

“When people come in, once he gets up, he’ll kind of follow them around the store and he just likes to be touching somebody, leaning up against someone, putting his head in between your knees. He just likes to be around people,” says Kristi.

A rescue from Saving Grace, Pork Chop has his own following.

We have people that come in and go, ‘So is Pork Chop here today?’ And you see we’ve got the sign in the door. People will come now looking for the sign to see if Pork Chop is here. And a lot of people will come in just to take their picture with Pork Chop. He’s famous,” says Kristi.


Accipiter – Enzo


You might recognize Enzo from his cameo on the Cameron Village website. He’s just so darn photogenic, we couldn’t help it. It turns out Enzo is no stranger to the camera. Someone was walking by the store one day and snapped a picture of him. That photo ended up in the local newspaper.

“We had a whole bunch of people coming in, ‘We saw Enzo in the News & Observer!’” says Griffin Friedman of Accipiter. “And we didn’t know so we had to track down a copy of it and see. And then it got reposted as one of the best pictures of the year. And again a whole bunch of people were coming in to tell us that Enzo was in the newspaper.”

If you’re wondering what breed Enzo is, you’re not the only one.

“He’s a mini goldendoodle,” says Griffin. “We get a whole lot of people asking about that. We know at least a few miniature goldendoodles that have been bought because of him. People see him and love him and then half the time I think they’re joking, but they ask, ‘Is he for sale?’”

Griffin usually replies with, “Not today. He’s being good. Or something like that.”


Cheshire Cat – Katie and Bitsie

Bitsie and Katie

Exquisite antique furniture and jewelry aren’t the only treasures you’ll find when you walk down the stairs to the Cheshire Cat. Low to the ground but high in spirit, Bitsie and Katie are there to welcome guests, both human and animal.

“They’re very fun-loving and people-oriented. They like to do work so they like to come to work every day,” says Cheshire Cat owner Bridget Jadwick. “It gives people a feeling of relaxation because the dogs are here.”

Bridget along with all the store owners mentioned above want to create a space where pets and their owners feel comfortable shopping.

“I have shopped too many places over the years that when you’re traveling in the summertime, you’re traveling with pets and you can’t take them in so you don’t stop.”

And we’re glad people like Bridget and their pets are part of the Cameron Village family and help shoppers of all species feel welcome.

– – –

Now that the weather is becoming especially gorgeous, bring your dog to Cameron Village to enjoy a nice outdoor cafe and maybe meet a new four-legged friend!

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