A “creative salad company” just opened in Cameron Village and you’re definitely going to want to check it out. We spoke with Manager Rachel Albright to learn more about Chopt.

How would you describe Chopt to someone who has never been?

An exceptional product with exceptional service. Everything is made pretty much from scratch. We don’t even have a freezer. Produce comes in twice a day and gets chopped fresh every day. We even grate and cut our own cheeses to make sure they’re as fresh as physically possible. All of our grains. Our proteins. All of it. Dressings are made in small batches every day to make sure the dressing you have was made that day.

And that also applies when it comes to our destination salads. Our next one is Thailand. So our head chef Aneesha Hargrave will visit Thailand. And we’ll import everything from there so it’s authentic and real. So it’s not always the cheapest way to do it. But it’s the best way to do.


Where are you from?

All over. I’ve lived in many many states and many many places. Wherever the wind blows me.

How do you like Raleigh and more specifically how do you like Cameron Village?

Raleigh’s nice. I think that Raleigh stands out as a bit more diverse than other big cities in North Carolina. There’s a lot of transplants here. So I appreciated that.

And Chopt chooses locations that are special and that’s what Cameron Village is.


What can you tell us about your local partners?

It’s important to support local communities that we’re involved in. You’ll find Goat Lady Dairy cheese is in our salads, Coddle Creek Farm honey is in the dressings, and La Farm bread on the side.

What’s the story behind this cool wallpaper?

It’s a newer thing. Each store has gotten a custom-made wallpaper made by Spanish artist duo Batabasta. Ours are surfing vegetables. It’s unique, right? It’s something you’re not gonna forget when you leave. You’re gonna be like, “Oh that’s place with the people riding the veggies.”


For someone who is new, what would you recommend they get?

Chicken tinga, absolutely. It will change your life. It’s that delicious. We serve it with a warm southwest quinoa blend and a warm braised chicken. And the Mexican goddess dressing is incredible. It’s a creamy dressing but it’s avocado-based instead of a heavy mayonnaise or buttermilk. It’s really good.


Be sure to head over and grab one of their amazing salads. Chopt is located on 420 Daniels St, Raleigh, NC 27605. They’re open from 10am–10pm every day.

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