We are almost mercifully done with this cold weather. Spring is peeking its shy little head out and summer isn’t far behind. Even more exciting is all the new spring fashion at Cameron Village. We sat down with Charlotte Harris of Charlotte’s to talk about her exciting spring trunk show taking place next Thursday, March 10th, and Friday, March 11th, from 10am-6pm.


Tell us about your spring trunk show.

This one will feature three lines. They are tyler böe, Britt Ryan, and Jude Connallay. The beauty of having a trunk show is that the rep brings everything that designers made for that season. Whereas when we go to market and we purchase things for our store, as you can imagine, we can’t buy five of every size of every design they make. So, this is a way for our customers to get to see the whole picture.

Many of our customers travel a lot. So they love the luxury of coming in one time, seeing everything, and then buying everything they’re going to need for several months.

It’s a great way for us to get to know our customers better because it’s such a personal setting. We learn what looks best on them. What they like or dislike. And at the same time, we learn about their families and their trips. And really we become friends. We come to think of so many of our customers as our friends.


Tell us about the designers that are going to be featured in this trunk show.

tyler böe

The clothes are more structured and a bit more traditional with collars and longer sleeves.




Britt Ryan

Flowy silks and bright colors. It makes you happy to wear it.



Jude Connallay

All her clothes feature a washable material in great designs and great colors. And it’s very flattering in every size on every body type.



What are some trends that you’re excited about for spring and summer?

What is fun about the spring season is that we see a lot of bright colors. Lots of pinks, oranges…coral orange is really big this time of year. And navy also still has a strong presence.

For the summer, what appeals to a lot of our customers are the looser-fitting items. And they’re so versatile. For instance, if it’s a blouse, they can wear it with different colored slacks, white or black slacks maybe. A lot of them are made out of fabrics that are machine washable so they pack well for people who travel a lot.

And these designs transcend age. We have a 24-year-old customer who’ll be the same thing that a 65-year-old customer would buy. And it’s all appropriate.

– – –

The trunk show is going on all day next Thursday and Friday (March 10th and 11th) so spring on over there and pick up some great new fashion from Charlotte’s!

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