A new bridal boutique has arrived in Cameron Village like a gentle ocean wave. We chatted with owner and founder of Coastal Knot, Amanda Sasser, to learn more about this exciting new addition.

How did Coastal Knot get started?

We started almost six years ago. It was something we had always wanted to do. I worked in finance originally. My husband and I moved closer to my family once we started a family of our own. And we wanted something that gave us a little bit more flexibility with the kids so we decided to take on this challenge.

What got you interested in the bridal industry?

At the time, we had just gotten married. So to me, it was new and exciting. It was relevant to where I was at the time in my life. There wasn’t a lot in our area down near Wilmington and Shallotte at that time. We wanted to bring moderately priced designer gowns that were well-made but not astronomically priced.

Where does the name come from?

We started in Shallotte which is about five minutes from all of the Brunswick county beaches—Holden Beach, Ocean Isle, Sunset…they’re all right there. That’s where the “coastal” part comes from. And “knot” comes from the phrase “tying the knot.” So we just put the two together.


For someone who has never visited one of your stores, what can they expect?

We want everyone to have a really great experience—to feel comfortable. It can be very overwhelming shopping for a wedding dress. It’s not something that most people have ever done in their lives. And many women have never put on dresses like these.

We try to keep it as comfortable and laid back as possible. But we still maintain a high level of professionalism and knowledge about our products.

Styles are changing. They change daily now. Social media plays a huge part in what we’re seeing women come in and wanting. But we try to stay as relevant as possible; as up to date with styles and what are customers are wanting. Just overall fun and modern but laid back.

Had you been thinking about opening a store in Raleigh for a while?

We had. The process started about a year in advance because the bridal gowns take about six months to make, even with our samples that we use in the stores. So you’ve got to really plan. So I think I started buying for Cameron Village back in October of 2014.

What made you pick Cameron Village specifically in Raleigh?

I love the down-to-earth people that it has. The diversity of the merchants in there was great. The overall ambiance of the center—I just loved it.


What has been one your favorite or most memorable experiences with a customer?

It’s a very emotional time in people’s lives, especially for families. We have women come in quite regularly who unfortunately have parents that are sick and may pass away soon. And they want to get married quickly.

We try our best to really cater to them and make sure they have what they need. Because normally they’re planning for a year in advance but circumstances have pushed things up. So we do all we can to make sure they have what they want and we can help them as best we can. That’s not the happiest of moments, but knowing their parents get to see them walk down the aisle makes me feel grateful for what we do.


We want to give a warm welcome to Coastal Knot—we’re so excited to have you in the Village! Be sure to check out their events page as they are having all sorts of trunk shows and other events regularly.

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