We’re big on partnerships, and we know that our community thrives when we put people first. That’s why our newest partnership with Jaguar Land Rover of Cary works so well; we are both people-driven. Our community of bloggers is helping to spread the good word about this partnership – and about how much fun it can be to try out a luxury ride.

Cameron Village isn’t just a place. Sure, it’s an area of streets and buildings; it’s retail and restaurants, shops and services. It’s a place to buy everything from trendy home accessories to your wedding dress. But it’s so much more than stores. It’s a community – a group of merchants that have come together to bring you the highest quality products and to give you with the kind of service that makes you feel truly welcome. It’s our goal to make your experience here one that brings you back, that helps you understand that you’re part of this Cameron Village community, too.

That’s why our new partnership with Leith Jaguar Land Rover of Cary is such a perfect pairing. Of course the Jaguar and Land Rover names mean the highest in quality vehicles. Like Cameron Village, Jaguar and Land Rover have a reputation as cars of distinction, known for their exceptional quality and extraordinary design. But Jaguar Land Rover of Cary believes that customers come first and cars come second. Maybe you’re ready look at a gorgeous new Range Rover SUV without the pushy sales pitch. Maybe you need to bring your Jaguar for service with technicians who will treat your vehicle like their own. At every visit to Jaguar Land Rover of Cary, you will be treated to service that puts you first, that makes you feel part of the community.

Chana Lynn (Raleigh What’s Up) brought her JLRC Range Rover Sport stocked with Great Outdoor Provision Co. goodies for a day at the lake!

Marty Stapleton, General Manager at Jaguar Land Rover of Cary, agrees that both are people-driven businesses and is excited about the opportunity to connect with even more people through social media. Several years ago Jaguar Land Rover was a sponsor of the Cameron Village Underground opening and helped roll out the red carpet for those who scored tickets to that event. From there, the partnership has grown to include a network of bloggers who are lucky enough to get a taste of owning these luxury vehicles.

Chana Lynn of Raleigh What’s Up is one of those bloggers. She recently spent a gorgeous Saturday driving a Range Rover Sport out to Jordan Lake. Loaded up with gear from Great Outdoor Provision Company, she got the chance to explore the lake, snag fresh tomatoes from a roadside stand, and tool around downtown Apex. Usually found driving a much smaller car, Chana was surprised how agile the Range Rover was and how easy and comfortable it was to drive. She was excited to share her outdoor adventures with readers of Raleigh What’s Up!

Another member of our blogging team, Shelby Vanhoy of Pretty in the Pines, found the collaboration to be a great learning experience. “Before this partnership, I didn’t know much about Land Rover at all. I was not fully aware of the smaller SUV options that Land Rover offered such as the Discovery Sport, where the base MSRP starts at just under $38k. Once I drove the Discovery Sport off the lot, I knew I wasn’t going to want to return it the next day!” While driving it recently, she used the chance to introduce her pup Colbie to her readers, heading to Woof Gang Bakery with Colbie in tow. “My readers really loved the post. A lot of my readers are already big fans of Land Rover but it was fun tying in my dog too to give a closer glimpse into my everyday life.”

Shelby Vanhoy (Pretty In The Pines) took her dog and some treats from Woof Gang Bakery in her JLRC Discovery Sport for some fun Saturday adventures!

The teams at Cameron Village and Jaguar Land Rover are committed to working together for the long haul and building on the shared values that put customers first. Pat Boyle, Executive Director of Marketing for Cameron Village says, “We are excited to bring all three voices together in concert; to connect our customers with the benefits of this affordable luxury car group. Our bloggers are delighted to write about their experiences of ‘ownership.’ This is a wonderful 3-way partnership and we are happy to share this with our Cameron Village family.” Keep your eyes out for some gorgeous vehicles around the Village!

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