Back to School 2018

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. Sometimes it feels like these busy days flew by at bustling summer camps, crowded community pools or busy North Carolina beaches. Other times, the days were lazier and the time felt as stagnant as the heat.

Now, buses are fueling up and families all over Raleigh have lists of school supplies in hand. Back-to-school shoppers looking for backpacks and clothing to get kids through to the next grade should make Cameron Village their first stop before the bell rings.

After the bell rings? That’s when mom gets some time to herself to rejuvenate or celebrate with friends. Read on for more on what the school days have in store at Cameron Village

Pack to go back

Any kid will tell you the most important thing to have for a new school year is a new backpack. Any mom will tell you the most important thing is to have one that lasts. At Great Outdoor Provision Company at Cameron Village, you’ll find the best selection of high-quality North Face and Patagonia backpacks. Manager Chris Garrett says many students have found one of the colorful Fjallraven Kanken packs perfect for the 2018-2019 school year. Garrett says, “Kids from elementary to high school have bought a Fjallraven Kanken. There is a great color selection.”

Great Outdoor Provision Co.’s Fjallraven Kanken display

Garrett says parents are getting Patagonia, North Face, Columbia or Mountain Hardware jackets. Many are looking for raincoats for school and even stocking up on fleeces and jackets before the rush in the fall.


First Day Sweets

There’s no better way to start the first day of school than with a yummy breakfast surprise. The friendly and fast staff at Rise is up early to serve you the area’s best specialty biscuits and doughnuts. Mom or Dad can swing by as early as 7:00 a.m. for Southern Biscuits baked every 30 minutes with savory favorites like bacon, egg and cheese or their famous Righteous Chicken. Grab some delicious Counter Culture coffee to get busy parents through the morning too!

We all know kids love the Sweet Stuff portion of Rise’s menu. Grab a dozen doughnuts to-go for the family. You can’t go wrong with sprinkles to celebrate a new school year!

Left: Raleigh father and son, Greyson and Henry, enjoy Rise doughnuts together. Right: Fresh Rise doughnuts with icing and sprinkles.

Back to Brunch

Mom, maybe back-to-school means you get some time to celebrate with your mom friends. Plan a brunch date with the girls after you drop off the kids. Cameron Village has the best coffee, breakfast and brunch spots in Raleigh.

Benelux Coffee has fast become the perfect spot for coffee lovers with fresh brewed coffee, made to order Belgian Wafels and Belgian-style Biers. Maybe reminisce about fun at the beach this past summer with a specially crafted latte like this one. A last taste of summer never looked so good!

Brunch isn’t just for the weekends. Find delicious, Southern-inspired comfort food at Flying Biscuit Cafe on a weekday morning too! Have the moms meet up for Flying Biscuit’s award-winning Shrimp and Grits, organic oatmeal pancakes, omelettes, scrambles and of course, biscuits.

Oh, and Flying Biscuit Cafe is the only place to indulge in a Super Bacon Bloody Mary. You made it through summer, mom! You deserve it!

Left: Flying Biscuit Cafe’s Super Bacon Bloody Mary Right: A Breakfast Burrito

Making Time for Fitness

Mom, maybe you put your personal fitness goals on hold while the kids were home, or because of all the family’s summer travels. Back-to-school is the perfect time to recommit. Cameron Village has revolutionary indoor cycling and exercise with an empowering and highly effective cardio experience at Flywheel Sports.

Manager Sara Birch says this season, Flywheel has new class offerings right at “prime mom time.” The mid-morning schedule includes:

  • Monday-Friday- :45 Wheel class at 9:45 am and Noon.
  • Wednesday and Friday- Precision Training class at Noon.

Birch says, “Precision Training classes offer a perfect complement to wheel and focus on muscle strength and toning.” She goes on to describe Flywheel’s new class format, Tempo. “It’s an interval training class that fuses rhythm riding with core strengthening athletic movements. It is a fun, challenging, results-driven experience,” says Birch.

For a complete class schedule and to register, visit:

The Flywheel team began Tempo classes last month.

CorePower Yoga is another Cameron Village fitness hotspot ready to welcome moms and any other yoga enthusiasts this fall. CorePower believes in the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga—and provides a safe and judgment-free space to make yoga comfortable and accessible to everyone. Instructors teach a variety of yoga styles for all levels—from beginners to more advanced yoga students. CorePower offers a variety of yoga based fitness classes like Yoga Sculpt. Yoga Sculpt is where yoga and muscle meet!

For a complete list of classes, visit:

Ashley teaches Yoga Sculpt at CorePower in Cameron Village. Photo credit: Joshua Steadman


Mom, did you ever use that spa gift card you got for Mother’s Day back in May? If it came from Cameron Village’s Lorena Luca Spa, then you probably did. Now is the time for another visit! Lorena Luca is the spot in Raleigh for carefully selected spa treatments, product lines, and solutions to correct a variety of concerns. The staff welcomes moms or anyone to improve their routine beauty care or experience a well-deserved special indulgence.

This month, the Lorena Luca staff opened a new Botox Bar! Open Wednesdays from 10am-7pm, you don’t need an appointment. Just walk in after the school bell rings on Wednesdays! What wrinkles?


Get supplies, celebrate and rejuvenate! At Cameron Village, back-to-school time may be one of your favorite times of year. Have a great school year!

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