Springtime is a season of new beginnings, and over the years, it’s proven to be a great time to open up a new store. We love to celebrate new merchants joining us in Cameron Village (here’s looking at you Crunch Fitness, AILLEA, and Nest – we can’t wait to meet you!). But anniversaries call for parties too! Several of our merchants are marking the anniversary of their debut day, and we couldn’t be more proud.


We’re celebrating birthdays of some of our individual shops, but next year brings a big one for Cameron Village, too: the big 70! Whether you’re looking at the Village as a whole or the shops that make us who we are, don’t let the numbers fool you. We’re as fresh and young as ever!



Celebrating her first birthday is Village favorite, so•ca!


While she might have started life as the little sister of sibling restaurant, bu•ku, so•ca has grown into her own since the grand opening celebration in April 2017. They’ve learned and grown a lot in that time, but their commitment to unique dishes that celebrate the flavors of the Caribbean and Latin America hasn’t wavered. And guests have responded with gusto. Co-owner Sean Degnan says “Our guests are the best. They’re smart, savvy, food-conscious people, who are looking to take a culinary adventure with us every night.”

Their brunch has exploded in popularity and is a hit every weekend. Their patio has room for you and 100 of your dearest friends, and they have great options for private events. What’s coming next? More celebrations! Sean hopes to add live music on the patio during those sultry summer evenings, and will continue to host monthly beer and wine dinners. He says, “We think people have realized that so•ca has added one more amazing culinary option to the Cameron Village dining scene, that is just a little bit off the grid, but well worth the extra few steps our front door.” We can’t help but agree.



And it’s the big 5 for funky furniture retailer, Nadeau!


Offering handmade pieces from India and Indonesia, much of what you’ll find in Nadeau is one-of-a-kind.  For manager Daniel Cavanaugh and his crew, unwrapping the shipments they receive twice a month is like Christmas morning. The boxes pile up on the sidewalk until the newest pieces find homes piled high inside the shop. Nadeau staff have no idea what the containers will bring, and they love introducing the newest treasures to their 30,000 Facebook followers (yes – 30K just for our Cameron Village location!). And there’s a loyal crew of regulars who have grown to love Nadeau over these five years. “There are customers who come in at every single shipment, just to see what’s new.” He says it can be overwhelming the first time you visit, but customers who stick around find they love the joy of the hunt.

What’s changed since they opened in May 2013? For one, they’ve tweaked their delivery process. With no back entrance, you’ll find delivery trucks unloading bright and early to beat the breakfast crowd. And the company continues to grow its social media presence, introducing more and more of y’all to the excitement of shopping when you’ll never know what’s in store.


Opulence of Southern Pines and DUXIANA

These two stores in one are also celebrating 5 years of luxury!


Walking into this combination of stores feels like walking into complete bliss.  The spa-like vibe is carefully crafted with every detail from sunny lighting to soft music to the relaxing scent. Since the store moved to Cameron Village in 2013, little has changed: they’ve always brought the finest in luxury to your nights. From the Duxiana bed and extravagant lingerie to candles & diffusers to down pillows, store manager Heather Chong says they offer the finest options to put together your bed from top to bottom.


What’s next? Bigger & better. The store recently added a location in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and expects to continue bringing luxury to customers throughout the southeast.


Little Art Gallery & Craft Collection

At 50 years, the Little Art Gallery is a veteran Raleigh retailer that’s been brightening homes for generations. Owner Rosanne Green Minick learned all she needs to know about running a business from her mother, Ruth Green who started the Little Art Gallery in 1968. She grew up in the store, and watched as it, too, matured into the art destination it’s become today. The Gallery joined us in Cameron Village in 2001, and they have become one of the cornerstones of the Village.

Their offerings range from paintings to pottery, from jewelry to blown glass, all with the highest quality craftsmanship. And while trends in the art world are ever-evolving, Rosanne says one thing has remained consistent: the creativity of the artists. She says she is continually amazed at the talent of the artists and craftsmen they feature in the Little Art Gallery. They not only have a vision for the beauty they see in the world around them, but they can bring that vision to life.


To celebrate their golden anniversary, the Little Art Gallery  will be hosting an event on Saturday, April 14 from 2-6 p.m. Come by to sing happy birthday and thank them for their contributions to our community all these years!



And happiest of birthdays to one of our most veteran retailers – Medlin-Davis!


Established in 1948 in downtown Raleigh, Medlin-Davis has grown to nine locations across the area. With that kind of history and lifelong ties to the community, it’s become the first source Raleighites look to for keeping their clothes looking fresh and new. And those green bags hanging from doorways across the city? It’s their free pickup and delivery service!


What has owner David Makepeace noticed since he bought it in 2010? “The biggest change is the move to environmentally sensitive practices,” he says. They switched to a silicone-based solvent called GreenEarth years ago. You’ll find this same safe chemical in beauty products from lotion to deodorant; it breaks down into just water, sand and carbon dioxide. “What we’re cleaning with, you put on your body every day,” says David. Add in their significant hanger recycling program and increasingly efficient technology & equipment, and you’ve got a company that’s doing their part to stay green.


What’s to come for Medlin-Davis? More on-demand service through technology. Perhaps the day will come when you’ll notice the blouse you had planned to wear has a stain. You’ll text them for an automated pickup and return, just in time for you to hit the town. With 70 years of change under their belts, you can trust they will embrace the technologies of the future to keep on serving our community.

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